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582 Kevlar IRT
Tropical Blue to Arctic Blue to Black fade with a sharp line to White
532 Kevlar IRT Featherlight
Arctic Deck / Dove Grey Hull and Tropical Join Line
532 Kevlar IRT Featherlight
Tropical Blue to Arctic Blue to White Bow fade / Dark Grey Joinline
582 Kevlar IRT
Hull & Deck combo colour dart
582 Carbon & Kevlar IRT
Two-Tone Deck fade over Clear coat Carbon fibre
Mirage 600 Full Carbon Fibre
Tropical Blue with Clear Carbon
532 Carbon & Kevlar IRT
Custom two colour flames over clear coat carbon fibre.
582 Carbon and Kevlar IRT
Custom two colour flames over clear coat carbon fibre.
583 Freeride Innegra IRT
Innegra Clear Deck with Purple Hull - Dove Grey Cockpit and Dark Grey Join
532 Innegra IRT
532 Innegra Clear / Deep Red Join and Safety Yellow
Super light Innegra and Kevlar in IR
532 Innegra IRT - Hull and Deck Arctic Blue - dark Grey Join
582 Triple Fade
Mirage 600 Kevlar IRT
Tropical Blue
583 Red to White fade (Deck & Hull)
M 532 - Purple
Mirage 600
Mirage 730 Tropical Blue and Arctic
Mirage 583 CF
Paddle Clamps and Rod Holders
Mirage 583 CF
Fully fitted
Mirage 583 CF
Kajak Sport Paddle Clamp
Mirage 583 CF
Rail Blaza Out-fitting
Sapphire Blue Hull and Bow V
Dove Grey Deck, Purple Join
Different patterns
White and Grey Join
Tropical Blue and Arctic Blue
Tropic Blue
with Clear Coat carbon windows
M 583 - White to Red fade
Apple Green
Mirage 530
Matching Joinlines, hatch and rudder
Mirage 730
Matching School Team colours
Purple 532
583 Adventure
Apple Green and Tropical Blue
600 Centre hatch colour
Custom Decal on Carbon
Custom Decal - Turtle
Custom Decal Orcas
Clear Coat - Innegra HEX 3D
Clear Coat Innegra HEX 3D
Clear Coat Bow & Stern dart
Tangerine Hull, Dove Grey Deck
Carbon Clear Coat Bow & Stern Dart
Tropical Blue
582 Clear Coat Carbon Bow & Stern Da
583 Clear Coat Carbon Deck
582 Racing Stripe
583 Standard two colour deck
Coke Red / Arctic Blue
583 Standard two colour deck
583 Cockpit colour
Arctic Blue
583 Bow 'V' with hull colour
583 Bow 'V' and Stern Line
Coloured Rudders
Two colour Hull & Deck Fade
Chrome Green to Grey fade
Tangerine to Yellow Fade
Yellow to White Fade
Red to Yellow Fade
Coloured Knee Brace
Bow  dart and Stern Diamond
Stern Diamond
Coloured Hull
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582 Kevlar IRT
Deep Red to Arctic Two Colour Fade
582 Kevlar IRT
Blue to White Bow to Stern Fade
582 Kevlar IRT
Yellow to Tangerine Fade with Dove Grey Hull
532 Kevlar IRT
Tangerine to Yellow Fade
532 Kevlar IRT
Yellow to Red length Fade
532 Kevlar IRT
Yellow to Red Hull and Deck Length Fade
583 Red to Yellow deck and hull fade
M 582
Yellow Deck and Deep Red Join
582 Red to Black Fade
Blue to Black to Red Deck Fade
520 Tangerine Deck & Hull
520 White Bow & Stern Darts
Optional Deck Rigging
Deep RED
M 532
Dove Grey Hull, Tangerine Darts, Dark Grey Join.
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