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M I R A G E    583 Freeride

Mirage 583 series of open deck sea kayaks – set your own line, create your own adventure.

The Mirage Sea Kayaks 583 series of open deck sea kayaks combine agility and speed, producing a whole new class of paddling: Freeride Sea Kayaking.

The FreeRide is ideal for the surf, harbours and estuaries, as well as offshore. The kayak's laid-back sculpted seat allows paddlers the freedom tilt their torso back when catching waves.

The Mirage 583 series of open-deck sea kayaks combine agility and speed, producing a whole new class of paddling: Freeride Sea Kayaking. With a long waterline and effective tracking, 583s are fast. They can also manage swell and broken waves easily.


The drawn-out rocker allows 583s to pivot and manoeuvre effortlessly, making them high-performance surf craft as well.


Perfect for:
• Freeride sea kayaking for long trips across larger sheltered waterways, inshore surf zones and even coastal or open ocean environments.

• Small to large sized paddlers, to accommodate beginners and advanced paddlers alike.

Mirage Sea Kayaks Australia
Carbon / Clearcoat Darts
Apple Green Cockpit / White Hull
Black Join Line

Length: 5.8m
Beam: 55.5cm


(all weights are based on an average weight and maybe
slightly different than these weights below)

Carbon (IRT) = 17.5kg  
Kevlar (IRT) = 18kg
Kevlar = 21kg
Fibreglass = 24kg


   Rear Hatch: 90L
   Front Hatch: N/A
   Day Hatch: Optional
Specifications - M I R A G E 583 Freeride:

• Mirage LD Plate allows for a solid connection for steering and leg drive.

• Unique Mirage integrated rudder system, which improves propulsion and offers superior directional control.

• Adjustable rails to enable a smooth ride for short and tall paddlers.

• Proven sea kayaking hull design that is smooth in rough water, edges sharply, and tracks beautifully on swells, waves, and wake.

• Self-draining, composite venturi, with a sealing plug for a dry ride.

• Contoured and ergonomic seating that promotes a balanced paddling posture.

• Large rear 90 litre oval hatch with kayak sport cover, for a tight fit in the roughest of conditions.

• Centrally located and balanced, recessed handle for ease of carrying and re-entry after a wipeout.

• Dual rear 'surf' grab handles, to make it easier for surf zone re-entry.  

• The standard colourway is a WHITE
deck with WHITE hull.
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