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You can order your Mirage Sea Kayak in a wide range of beautiful colours and styles – including two-tone designs such as bow and stern colours and fades.

The choices and combinations are virtually limitless, and we can even customise your craft to suit your unique personality or needs.

You can design your own:
• Deck Colours - Multi Deck Colours - Faded Deck Colours
• Hull Colour
• Join line Colour
• Rudder Colour
• Cockpit Rim Colour

The standard Mirage Sea Kayak build comes with a WHITE deck with a black join line and WHITE hull.

The cost for a non-white solid colour deck is $150.00

Be unique - enjoy your kayak ---- There are many other options available for you to have a truly unique kayak. (visit our 'Unique Kayaks' page)

Below is a selection of swatches from our colour chart for you to peruse when choosing the colour of your new sea kayak. (click for a larger image)

Colour Your Way - 1s.jpg
Colour Your Way - 2s.jpg

New design: Hull & Deck Colour Dart

Two Colour Fades

Colour fades have been popular with Mirage Sea Kayaks since the early days of our business. Every one is completely unique. It is an extremely difficult process, however we are very skilled in the application.

We suggest having a good chat to us when choosing to undertake a fade.

Most fades are perimeter fades - one colour on the side fading into the secondary colour in the centre.

You can have the dark colour on the side fading to the lighter colour or the reverse.

The other popular fade in the Bow to Stern fade - one colour at the bow (or nose) fading along the kayak to the Stern (back)

Please note that all fades are unique and every colour fades into the other in a different way.

There are always some cosmetic blemishes with blending colours and that is part of getting a fade.

Repairs are also more difficult when dealing with faded colours.

We do not do fades on the open deck sea kayaks - 533 or 583s.

582 fade 1.JPG
blue fade.JPG
532 fade.jpg
532 redyellow fade.JPG

Names of the different designs:

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