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M I R A G E    732 Double

The iconic Mirage Sea Kayaks 730 double has now been transformed into the new 732 double. It is still the fastest, most efficient double sea kayak on the market. Great stability, speed and cargo capacity. The hull is the same with a new modern deck and advanced mold, giving us the ability to make very light-weight sea kayaks with extremely high-end materials.
The 732 will continue as a Hawkesbury Classic & Massive Murray Paddle favourite, that will led the field for another 20 years.

The iconic Mirage Sea Kayaks 730 Double has evolved, however it is still long, sleek and designed to be extremely fast. This beautiful sea kayak is well balanced and efficient through the water. It is a famous and fast kayak, that has set many a race record.


The hull is the same beautiful gliding design, with a new and modern deck utilising Kajak Sport rubber hatches. With a very modern mold construction, we can produce the 732 with very advanced materials and resin infusing techniques.

Perfect for:

• All sizes of paddlers, from beginner through to advanced paddling skills.

• Fitness paddling, day touring and multi-day touring in larger sheltered waters, long flowing inland rivers,  to coastal and open ocean environments.

  • Large 24cm front hatch

  • 20cm day hatch

  • Large rubber oval rear hatch - Hatches by Kajak Sport

Carbon / Clearcoat Bow & Stern  Carbon Rims
Tangerine / Dove Grey Hull
Grey Join Line

Length: 7.3m
Beam: 58.5cm


(all weights are based on an average weight and maybe slightly different than these weights below)

Carbon (IRT) = est 28.5kg

Kevlar IRT + Silverstorm Seats  (IRT) = est 29.5kg

Kevlar (IRT) =  31kg
Kevlar = 35kg
Fibreglass = 37kg




    Rear Hatch: 90L
    Front Hatch: 83L
    Day Hatch: 36L

Specifications - M I R A G E 732 Double:

• Unique Mirage pedal and integrated rudder system which improves propulsion and offers superior directional control. Option of front or rear steering that is interchangable.

• Three high volume dry storage compartments with Kajak Sport Rubber hatch covers – great seaworthiness and good storage capacity including convenient day hatch.

• Full safety perimeter reflective deck line, functional elastic deck rigging.

• Contoured, supportive, ergonomic seats with comfortable 15mm foam seat pad and fully adjustable, low profile back-band back rest.

• Dual solid cross beam footrests, enhance paddler performance and comfort.

• Component upgrade compatible - look at our Outfitting section to find out how you can customise your kayak.

• The standard colourway is a WHITE deck with WHITE hull.

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