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Mirage Sea Kayaks Spare Parts

Purchase your Mirage Sea Kayaks Spare Parts directly through our online partner at Sydney Harbour Kayaks' Online Store.

If no link is listed or a spare part is not listed then please phone to purchase - Call 02 4324 1922

Kayak Hatch Covers

Replacement 20cm hatches (Front or Day); you can purchase a round rubber hatch online (this round hatch is compatible with Valley and Pittarak) Australian Made
$55.00 each - CLICK HERE TO BUY
If you need an additional PLASTIC RIM for this round rubber hatch as a replacement or to install on a new kayak -
$55.00 each (Hatch & Rim) CLICK HERE TO BUY
Kajak Sport Hatches:

Kajak Sport hatches and rims (25cm).
Kajak Sport hatches and rims (20cm).
Kajak Sport hatches and rims (10cm).
Kajak Sport hatches and rims (47cm x 28.5cm - oval).
Kajak Sport hatches              (41cm x 22cm - oval - Valley Compatible).
NEW Kajak Sport hatches compatible with Valley, Pittarak and the older
style Mirage rubber hatches 19.5cm (Front or Day Hatch) only 294 grams.
$60.00 each CLICK HERE TO BUY
Purchase a replacement Fibreglass (Mirage Colours) stern oval hatch online - CLICK HERE

Purchase a replacement 100% Carbon Fibre (Clear Coat) stern oval hatch online - CLICK HERE
Neoprene Cover (seal) for  Rear Hatch - CLICK HERE

Mirage Pedal Sets

Mirage Pedal Sets:

Purchase a Mirage Sea Kayaks TBar and Pedal Set - Click Here

NOTE: The Mirage TBar and Pedal set can now be custom installed into NON-Mirage Composite Sea Kayaks - call us for more details.
New set of Pedal Hinges - call Mirage.
Mirage Pedal Sets:

Carbon Reinforced Mirage LD PLATE  - Click Here


Mirage Seating

Mirage Seating:

If you would like to purchase additional 15mm adhesive thermo formed foam kayak seat please - Click Here.

Mirage Fibreglass seat - Standard

Mirage Fibreglass seat - Small

Mirage Carbon Fibre seat - Standard

Floating Back-Band Back Rest - Click Here

Comfort Combo - 15mm Foam &Floating Back-Band Back Rest

- Click Here

Mirage Fixturing

You can purchase any missing / lost fixturing for your Mirage or
if you are making your own kit kayak, then you can purchase some outfitting parts:

Bungee / Shock Cord (6mm)
Deck Line (6mm)
Mirage Decal Sets
Stainless Steel Cable, swages & D Shackles
Rudder Hinges & Rudder Pins
Carry Toggles
Bilge Pump Sets
Bilge Pump Replacement Batteries
Bilge Pump Battery Recharger
Waterproof Switch and wiring


Mirage Neoprene COCKPIT Cover

Australian made Neoprene Cockpit Covers / Petrol Saver

Perfect for keeping critters from making a home in your kayak.

Perfect for saving you some petrol on a long journey.

All Australian made using a high grade of neoprene with tucked in edges for a very good seal.

Glued and stitched seams for additional strength and durability.

$75.00 - CLICK HERE to order


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