Transporting your NEW Mirage

When you purchase from Mirage Sea Kayaks, you are getting a beautifully finished and finely crafted, hand made product.

We pride ourselves on a high quality of workmanship and our warranty reflects on this.

Unfortunately here in Australia, our distances are great and we have quite limited resources for shipping our water-craft. Generally speaking our freight services are careful with sea-kayaks, however accidents can happen. This is something that you will need to consider as you are placing your order.

Mirage Sea Kayaks sells kayaks 'ex factory';

This means that we can only guarantee that your kayak will leave our factory in perfect condition. You will need to take out your own shipping insurance when you ship your kayak.

Mirage IS NOT responsible for damage to your kayak during shipping.

Your purchase price does not include packaging in your sale price.

We can provide the following services / product to assist in a safer shipping of your new craft.

  • Level 1 Packaging - $20.00  - Full length bubble wrap

  • Level 2 Packaging - $45.00 - Full length bubble wrap with hard cardboard angles to protect all main areas and a full cardboard outer wrap.

  • International Packaging will be quoted case by case.

Mirage Sea Kayaks can also provide a shipping insurance for $175.00. If you take our insurance, then we will REPAIR or REPLACE depending on the damage. If your kayak is damaged and you wish to claim, then you will need to document the damage as you pick up your craft from the shipper. You will need then to phone us within 3 days and we can assist with making the claim.

Please make sure that when you collect your kayak from the shipping company, you look over your kayak carefully. Sometimes you can have damage on your kayak and the packaging can look undamaged.

You MUST NOT paddle your kayak prior to making a claim. Please call us for more details if you wish to take out this insurance.

Mirage Sea Kayaks recommend the following 'kayak courier or shippers for your NEW KAYAK.

Richard 'The Kayak Courier  - 0414 889 499 /

Mirage Factory to:


Queensland Coast Road to Cairns via Mackay and Townsville.




Ben 'Next Level Kayaks' - 0439 844 649 -

Mirage Factory to Tasmania via Ulladulla via Wollongong & Kiama

Jason 'Huff n Puff'  - 0419 567 661

Mirage Factory to Tasmania

We have also had success shipping with Tas Freight (to Tasmania) and Neway Transport to Melbourne and Adelaide.

There is also a facebook page dedicated to Australian Kayak Couriers and other kayakers with car-top or trailer space - click here

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