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Mirage Sea Kayaks - Limited Warranty

We are so confident in the quality and reliability of our sea kayak manufacturing; we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all new kayaks (Kayaks built after May 1, 2013).

This limited lifetime warranty covers any manufacturing material defects or faults in our workmanship to the composite shell including the join-line and is limited to the original purchaser.

All deck fixtures have a warranty covering manufacturing defects of ONE year from original purchase date.

These include the rudder, rudder pedal system, rudder cable, deck lines, shock cord / bungee cord, hatch covers and cockpit rims or kneebrace rims

The warranty is void if the kayak is used under the following conditions:

  • Used in any commercial operations (kayak tours, kayak rental or professionally teaching kayaking).

  • Altered structurally including drilling holes into the deck for fixtures like a GPS unit or a kayak sailing kit - {If this installation was done by Mirage at the time of manufacturing, then this will still maintain the warranty}

  • Subjected to stress beyond physical limitations of the kayaks material.

This warranty does not cover; abrasion, corrosion of parts, wear and tear or damage caused by use or misuse. Normal wear, Cosmetic blemishes, Damage due to improper use, modification, negligence or transport
Fading/blistering of gelcoat from long term exposure to sunlight, Osmotic blistering from storage in wet cover,
Incidental damages to property, Personal injury, Consequential damage

This warranty does not cover osmosis;

    - osmosis is a bubbling / blistering in the gel-coat, it occurs when there has been water settling on the surface of the gel-coat for an extended period of time and slowly perpetrates below the gel-coat and forms bubbles. The main way this can occur with your sea-kayak is if it is stored under a tarpaulin (or similar) and moisture is trapped between the tarpaulin and kayak for extended periods of time. Moisture can be created by condensation.

Ideally, hang the tarp so to prevent it touching the kayak, this prevents condensation and chafing of gelcoat.

The best solution to storing your kayak is to keep it inside a garage or shed. This generally reduces moisture in and around the kayak, and shades it from UV light.

The 6mm deck lines and bungee / shock cord on your kayak are for water safety or storage only and are NOT to be used for lifting your kayak - Please lift your kayak by the bow and stern and we recommend installing carry toggles.

If there is a fault with an added option or a part produced by a third party company, like a sail kit, bilge pump or compass, then Mirage will manage this warranty with the manufacturer of these products on your behalf. These options / features have a one year warranty from purchase.

Your kayaks warranty is able to be transferred to any future owners, ONLY if this kayak undergoes a complete 'Mirage Care' refurbishment prior to the kayak being sold. ​

Please call Mirage Sea Kayaks directly to assess your concerns.

If your kayak is deemed to be a warranty issue, then you need to have this kayak returned to Mirage Sea Kayaks in Gosford, NSW at your shipping cost. We will then return it to you after it has been repaired or replaced at our shipping cost.

If a Mirage approved technician concludes that your kayak has failed due to workmanship or faulty materials, and then Mirage Sea Kayaks will repair or replace your kayak.​

Mirage Sea Kayaks is not liable for any injury sustained in the use of this product. The user of this kayak acknowledges assumed risks and waives any and all claims against Mirage Sea Kayaks and any of its dealers or agents.

Mirage Sea Kayaks highly recommends that prior to kayaking, you read the guidelines on the Paddle Safe Paddle Smart website ( and undertake kayaking skills lessons from any reputable kayaking instructor.

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