Kayak Sail Kit Installation and Deck Reinforcement

Kayak Sailing is an amazing section of the sport of sea kayaking.


There are many different styles and shapes of kayaking sails for you to choose from. Mirage Sea Kayaks has strong experience with all of the main Australian and some international brands.


Our sea kayaks suit pretty much all brands and models and our staff are the industry experts at mounting your sail kit.


We make our sea kayaks as light as possible, so if you need to mount a sail, you will need to have your deck reinforced.


We have custom made mounting blocks and fixturing for a clean deck application and be reassured that you have a strong set up for your kayak.

Note: The reinforcement is only at the connection zones for the sail kit. If you are a paddler that is wanting a 1m plus sized sail and you plan on sailing in strong winds, then we suggest a FULL DECK reinforcement.


Call us for more details or our sailing brand recommendations on 02 4324-1922


Deck Reinforcement Only   (sail kit zones)           $85.00

Deck Reinforcement  Only  (full deck)                $100.00

Kayak Sail Installation (New Kayak)                  $295.00

Inc Reinforcement (zones or full deck)

Kayak Sail Installation (Old Kayak)                    $295.00

Inc Reinforcement Inc Reinforcement (zones or full deck)

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