Customised Outfitting your Mirage Sea Kayaks

Mirage Sea Kayaks have had nearly 30 years of kayak building experience. We have evolved over this time to stay with the changing trends of paddlers needs and believe we have a solid outfitting of standard features.

If you then combine these features with the many additional options that are available, a Mirage Sea Kayak can see you through every level of your paddling life.


Knee / Thigh Brace

Fibreglass = $125.00

Carbon (Clear) = $225.00

Installed on an old kayak = $350.00

The Mirage range of kayaks have keyhole style cockpits allowing leg entry whilst the paddler is seated, without being unnecessarily big. Coamings are deeply recessed to assist with waterproofing around the spray deck.

We also offer the option of having knee / thigh braces installed to assist in additional control with your drive, lateral movements and rolling.

The cockpit rim and knee / thigh braces are also available in 100% Clear Coat Carbon - too save you a little bit of weight.

Carry Toggles

Standard = $20.00

Stitched & Wrapped (Surf Toggle) = $28.00

The Mirage hand-made carry toggles have been an option for over 25 years and create an convenient lifting point that is very strong. If you are a paddler that feels at home in rough water, then you should get a surf toggle; meaning the nylon cord is stitched and wrapped, so you can't get a finger caught inside of the loop.

Rudder System

One FG rudder is included with your order.

Standard Fibreglass = $295.00

Flush Fibreglass = $295.00

Carbon on a NEW Kayak = $250.00

A carbon rudder is included if you purchase a carbon kayak.

Standard Carbon = $325.00

Flush Carbon = $325.00

Your rudder is such an important feature to the Mirage kayak we have dedicated a page to your different rudder options - CLICK HERE


One FG seat is included with your kayak order.

A Carbon IRT Seat is included if you purchase a carbon kayak.

Standard Replacement Seat = $195.00

Lightweight  IRT Seat = $295.00

Lightweight Carbon IRT Seat = $350.00

Foam brace for under your seat = $40.00

(included on a new kayak)

Contoured, supportive, ergonomic seat - available in X-small or Standard.

Another advantage of a locally made kayak is the opportunity to have the correct seat size fitted. It is important for a paddler to be “connected” to the kayak and one of the key areas is in a correct fitting seat. Mirage offers a choice of two seat sizes, which fit across the entire Mirage kayak range, to ensure maximum comfort for the paddler at all times.

The Mirage seats are also available in 100% clear-coat Carbon IRT - you will be able to save about 500 grams from our fibreglass seats.

Electric Bilge Pump inc waterproof box

Single Pump = $295.00

Double Pump = $375.00

Battery Re-Charger = $45.00

Spare Small Battery = $45.00

Spare Large Battery = $55.00

Waterproof Battery Box (small) = $49.00

Waterproof Battery Box (large) = $55.00

Replacement Waterproof Switch = $65.00

Mirage Kayaks can be ordered with a factory fitted electric bilge pump including a waterproof box for the battery. The pump is located behind the seat with the sealed battery mounted separately in the day hatch. A waterproof switch is positioned in a recess beside the paddler’s hip, protected by a stainless steel bridge.

Most Mirage owners only need to put their battery on charge every three months as it will empty the full cockpit area of water at least 13 times over. The electric bilge pump will allow a paddler to empty a full cockpit of water in a very short period of time rated at 1890 Litres per hour (10 litres takes approximately 20 seconds) (a Double pump comes with a bigger battery)

– A well maintained pump is an important safety feature.

You can order the full kit, pump only, replacement batteries and even a recharger.

Small Dry Storage

FG Under-Deck Glove Box = $175.00

FG 583 Day Hatch = $175.00

Carbon Under-Deck Glove Box = $225.00

Carbon 583 Day Hatch = $225.00

You can get an 'Under Deck Glove Box'  factory / self installed to keep your valuables safe and secured, it comes with a Kajak Sport 100mm hatch cover.
The Mirage glove box fits perfectly in all Mirage sea kayaks. It is also very easy to install yourself (adhesion with Sikaflex-291 white)


The 583 day hatch is mounted just behind the seating area and can be placed either on the right or left hand side. This day hatch will keep your valuables safe and secured, it comes with a Kajak Sport 100mm hatch cover. This hatch has been designed to fit the 583 Freeride, 583 Adventure and 583 Custom Fish.

The 'Under Deck Glove Box' and the 583 Day hatch are also available in 100% Clear Coat Carbon - too save you a little bit of weight.

M I R A G E  LD Plate

Carbon Reinforced

LD Plate  = $250.00

LD Plate installed on a new kayak = $150.00

LD Plate with Carbon CLEAR Front = $325.00

LD equals Leg Drive and this is a crucial component for paddle performance and power input per stroke. The LD plate allows for maximum foot support, for full leg drive.

The carbon reinforcement on the plate and pedals make the entire unit very stiff and therefore allows for direct transmission of the power from your legs into paddle stroke energy.

The plate extends to the hull of your kayak  - All of our LD PLATES are Carbon stiffened and well tested to gives your paddle stroke a boost with each leg drive.

The Mirage LD Plate comes rigged up with the forward cables and hardware so you can quickly connect to your pedal flanges and rudder cable.

The standard LD Plate has an ALL WHITE front however it is Carbon reinforced. You can also buy an LD Plate with a CARBON CLEAR Front - same stiffness as the other plates, however looks so very nice!

M I R A G E  Rear Shock-Cord

Installed or DYI Kit = $45.00

If you are looking for some additional deck storage space or if you need an area for your paddle in case you need to use a paddle float.

We can install a rear deck shock-cord configuration in 6mm with reinforced fairleads.

M I R A G E  Laminated & Stainless Steel Hull Fixation Points

Installed  = $85.00 (set of 4)

For paddlers that like to load up their kayaks on an expedition. These laminated stainless steel D loops form a very secure fixation configuration.

M I R A G E  Webbing Tow Points

Installed  = $35.00 (set of 2)

Secure and strong webbing tow points - you can have these installed on one or both sides. These connect at your hip level for smooth towing.

RITCHIE Kayak Compass

Installed  = $255.00

This Kayak Compass is a deck mounted compass - fits dimensions of 10.8cm diameter - perfect for the Mirage Kayaks compass recess on the foredeck!

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