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Mirage Sea Kayaks - Business for Sale

Mirage Sea Kayaks – Business for Sale

Price: $295,000 + SAV


After ten years as the proud owners of Mirage Sea Kayaks, Sydney Harbour Kayaks (SHK) have decided to put this iconic business on the market.


This decision hasn’t been an easy one – at Sydney Harbour Kayaks we are passionate about our Australian-made Mirage sea kayaks and we wish to continue to support and purchase these sea kayaks for our extensive fleet for years to come.


Over the past couple of years, Sydney Harbour Kayaks has expanded to two new locations, and being a small family business, we feel that we simply do not have the time required to be completely dedicated to Mirage Sea Kayaks and evolve this beautiful iconic Australian brand as it deserves.


Mirage is in a good condition and has a very strong lineup of traditional single sea kayaks, two amazing double sea kayaks, a couple of very popular open deck kayaks and we are well underway with the new wide body 582.


Mirage in West Gosford has a fully functional repair facility and over the past few years and with the current team, it has become the absolute best place to get your fibreglass equipment repaired or refurbished. Mirage's contracted shell builders are located in Port Stephens and have worked for Mirage for the past 14 years. Their quality is exceptional and they are experts in advanced materials and our IRT (Infusion) process.

Mirage has always developed and sold small ranges of soft-goods; neoprene skirts, cockpit covers, paddle bags, lifejackets and some paddling apparel and headwear.

Mirage Sea kayaks has maintained a major sponsorship with the Massive Murray Paddle for the past 7 years, as this is a core demographic for the brand. This sale would also include two additional years of major sponsorship in this event. (

Great opportunity to expand; export market, additional soft goods


If you too are passionate about Mirage / sea kayaking / paddle sports and would like to own this wonderful and very specialised small business, based in West Gosford on the Central Coast, please get in-touch. It has been a brilliant business to manage and nurture for the past decade.


Expressions of interest are being taken right now.

Please contact:

Shannon O'Brien

Managing Director

02 99694590



Key features:
• Long term and solid Reputation
• Retail Shop Front attached to the repair and outfitting factory including office.
• Professional Team
• Proven Operation - Successfully Operating for over 30 years and 10 years under the current ownership.
• Very low warranty rate.

• Very strong & reliable contract kayak ‘shell’ builders in Port Stephens.

• Detailed and strong relationships with all suppliers.

• Established, website (, online shop (, main social media platform.

Kayak Range and models

Current Range:

582 - 2 molds with a 3rd new mold currently under manufacturing

532 - 2 molds in operation

583 - 1 mold in operation

533 - 1 mold in operation

732 - 1 mold in operation 

600 - 1 mold in operation

Including multiple general build molds - cockpit rims, bulk heads etc.

Multiple rudder molds

Multiple pedal set molds including LD Plates and 583/533 pedal sets

Multiple seat molds (small and standard) regular molds and one for IRT technique

Past Range:

Original Double - 1 x mold - in working order (buff required)

580 - 1 x mold - in working order (buff required)

530 - 1 x mold - in working order (buff required)

520 - 1 x mold - in working order (full refurbishment required)

22s - 1 x mold - in working order (full refurbishment required)


There are plugs available for the majority of models:

especially: 582, 532, 583, 533, 732. (there is no 600 plug)

Plant Equipment:

Dust extraction (in an enclosed room)

Band saw

Air compressor

Rolling rack

Multiple kayak stands

Kayak Trailer (suits upto 6 x doubles)

3 working benches inc lighting.

Multiple light power tools - drills, grinders, etc.

Planned development:

582X - A 582 with an extended cockpit shape for larger paddlers as well as extended leg length. Prototype is completed and trials are starting. This will be molded just after the current 582 new mold is finished - 2 deck molds, one hull mold - fully compatible.

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